10/3 LO-LI-TA

I don't understand why it is so "in" to be obsessed with Lolita. I kind of get tired of reading about all these Lolita-esque things in my different livejournal communities that I read. I read the book a few summers ago. I enjoyed it. Well, enjoy isn't really the word. It made me feel ... *insert awkward noise*. But I thought it was very well-written. I've also read other Nabokov novels that I enjoyed just as much, if not more. But I don't see what is so cool about obsessing over Lolita. I guess here it is time for me to admit that I have never seen any of the versions of the movie. Which makes me think that the movies show the story in a much different (more obsession-worthy) light. And that most of the "hipsters" that love Lolita things are going more along the lines of the movie. Of course I could be totally wrong. Hmm ... I suppose I should watch the movies to see. I just don't understand what is THAT great about it. Silly hipsters.

I guess I'm just not cool.

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