About Us

Rhianna is in her midtwenties and has been blogging forever.  A journaler since she could talk (her first diary had entries that she dictated to her mother), she switched from paper journals (although she still keeps them infrequently) to online journals in high school when the livejournal craze took off.  Since then she has had half a dozen blogs in which she keeps her memories to share with her family & friends.  This is her current one that she keeps with her gentleman caller.  Rhianna spends her leisure time reading (everything... and a lot), crafting, and watching lots of documentaries.  She used to be a regular in the community theater scene, on & off stage, and misses her beloved Rose Barn Theatre back home.  Speaking of home, she comes from the bluegrass region of Kentucky.

John is not the biggest fan of technology (he still thinks altavista is the best search engine) and refuses to be apart of any social network (although he likes to peruse Rhianna's twitter & tumblr).  A writer by trade, he gave into the online blogging world when he moved in with his sweetheart and she convinced him to put some of his funny ramblings on her blog for their friends to read.  In his leisure time, John likes to write, read, and watch football on the television.  He is also a musician & singer and loves to write and play songs on the guitar, mandolin, banjo, & piano.  A competitive distance runner throughout high school and college, he still enjoys getting outside and going for runs.  John hails from Ohio, a fact that he is very proud of, and he loves & misses his homestate dearly. 

John and Rhianna live in the triangle area of North Carolina.  They live in an old, small house out in the country with their dog and two cats.  Together they love to cook, kayak on the lake nearby, make & sleep in homemade forts in the living room (often for weeks at a time), stay active outdoors, watch really bad horror movies, and get crazy addicted to television shows on Netflix & Hulu.  They love to travel and hope to do more of it soon:  Rhianna wants to go to Asia, John wants to go to Scandinavia, they both want to go to Europe.  They were introduced by Rhianna's roommate one Halloween night and have been crazy about each other ever since.