So I have all As for my midterm grades! Which makes me happy because I was wondering about my Romanticism grade. I thought for sure I would have a B for my midterm because I thought I did horrible on my midterm test since I ran out of time for the second essay and kind of didn't wrap up my thoughts about Shelley and Wordsworth in time ... but yay! I guess I did okay considering the test and our paper proposal were the only grades he had.

I video taped my lesson for methods! It wasn't due until the very end of November but I'm glad I got it out of the way. It went really well and I loved teaching the class.

I only have one more performance for Nunsense. I have to say, I'm very proud of myself for doing this musical. I'm confident in acting and dancing but singing scares me. However after this musical I'm not scared of singing in front of large crowds (as much as I was). I don't think I sound half bad. I will be glad after strike tomorrow because I have too much on my plate right now and will like a little more flexibility time.

I think I'm getting another ear infection. My ear is starting to really hurt. Gross.

UK beat LSU. Yay UK!

I need to go winter shopping very badly. I also need to lose weight very badly. I've put on weight since the summer and it is gross. Ew. I'm going to make the excuse that I'm running around so much and am forced to eat fast food for convenience sake. But really it's my own darn fault. I need to eat better and WORKOUT more. Looking at pics from my cousin's wedding depress me ... I just look ... Gross.

I think I'm going to start writing again. In high school I would write short story after short story but once I got to college I stopped. I need to sit down and force myself to write some more. I hope I get some inspiration for a character or storyline soon.

I'm incredibly tired. I can't believe it's almost midnight and I'm still up. Okay, going to sleep. Goodnight everyone! (Not that anyone reads this in the first place. Or if they do I don't know, lol)

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