ear aches and hockey

I went to Oxford, Ohio this weekend to visit one of my very best friends, Audry! It was sooo much fun. Miami University is adorable and probably the cutest campus in the cutest little town.

Audry and her roommate (and BFF), Kathleen hosted a Fall Feast for some of their closer girlfriends and it was so lovely! After we finished eating Kathleen and Maria (one of Audry's best friends from school) took me to a Miami hockey game (Audry had to work). The hockey game was delightful and SO MUCH fun. I luh-ove that sport. And Miami won (#1 in the nation!) and there was a big fight at the end!!!! After the game Kathleen, Maria, Billy (Kathleen's fiance), and I went to visit Audry at the bar where she works. And can I just tell you, the bar was adorable, so not your typical bar at all... I think everything in Oxford is just adorable though, they don't know how to do trashy/dirty. This morning we woke up and went to breakfast at a cute little (very crowded and popular) cafe and then Audry and I went into some of the shops (I bought I black trapeze type top that I've been looking for for ages!) and she gave me a tour of campus.

Driving home was horrible. It rained the entire time. But I must go on more road trips by myself because I loved being in the car by myself singing very loudly to old Dashboard and various showtunes. So much fun!

I loved Audry's friends, especially Kathleen and Maria and her house and college and town. It really made me miss Wilmington because the people and town reminded me so much of UNCW. Sigh.


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