Remember remember the 5th of November

I want this box!  I found it on a decorating community that I am apart of.  It would be easy to make so I may make it over the Christmas break.  If I can find the Guy Fawkes masks.  I'm sure I can get them somewhere online.  But isn't that a cute idea?  Well I guess if you love the movie V for Vendetta like I do. :)  

Anyways... that's all.  Had to share

In other news... I thought I was soooo far behind on all the papers I had to write, but I was just looking at my assignment book again and realized that they weren't due for a while longer.  So I'm actually ahead because of started all of them and finished one!  Yay!

My scar is starting to fade more.  I really hope it fades all the way.  If not, I hope it starts to look more like a vampire bite :)

Thanksgiving break ends in a few hours.  I have to say... it was a pretty okay one.  Not as good as last year.  But I knew it wouldn't be.  I got a lot of homework finished and rearranged my office and did some major cleaning and a bit of Christmas decorating (have to finish that), and I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done.  

I haven't even begun to think about what I want for Christmas.  I guess all my gifts will be surprises.  Well, I can think of one thing.  But I know I won't get it... oh well.  C'est la vie.  

Speaking of French phrases.  I find myself talking to my kitten in French oftentimes.  Weird.

It will be very nice when this week is over.  There is a lot going on this week and I would like to just fast forward.

Something I really want to do over the break is go ice skating.  I haven't been in forever.  I was pretty good at it when I was younger... I wonder if I can still skate okay?  Probably not.  Please take me ice skating anyhow.

It's 8 o'clock.  I'm thinking of crawling in my bed and reading already.  Gotta wake up real bad early tomorrow to tape my show ;)

Night all!  

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