I'm soooooo tired of school right now. I want it to be dunzo!

I have so much freakin work. So much. I just want to teach.

And not have exams. And not have projects. And not have papers.

I get to go to school tomorrow. High school. I like being in the schools. I like teaching. A lot.

Today I have had the following food items:
Breakfast: 4 oreos, coffee
Snack: 4 bite size Milky Way
Lunch: 6 oreos, 3 bite size Three Musketeers, 2 bite size Twix
Snack: 2 bite size Milky Way, 1 bite size snickers
Dinner: diet pepsi, half of Kelly's bag of pretzels with light ranch dressing

Isn't that crazy?! I pretty much lived off of sugar and carbs today! I had ZERO substance.

Today was a long, but sugar-crazed, hyped up day!

I hated today.

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