I watched two Lifetime movies on youtube yesterday. God bless youtube.

I say it was a pretty productive day.

You know how sometimes you make friends and you wish you would've made them a long time ago so you could have more time with them? I've made some friends like that this semester but it sucks because we'll all be away teaching next semester. I'm going to miss them. Especially Kelly Tay.

I've yet to catch up on sleep. Hopefully this Saturday I can have time for a nap since I don't have rehearsal during the middle of the day and only a performance that night. Sigh. I'm always doing plays. What is it about playing someone else for an hour or two at a time is so appealing to me? I guess just that; I'm someone else.

I've begun to not really stress about things anymore because I know I will get them finished. I always seem to in the end.

I'm ready for my real life to begin.

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