I had an interesting conversation today with Kelly Tay over lunch about our friends and acquaintances.  And how we both have decided that our friends can be divided up into two groups...

a. "do"ers
b. "wait"ers

Doers will do things with you and love to hang out and will come up with ways to hang out with you.  And waiters will just sit around waiting for you to think of something to do and will never come up with ideas for you to hang out.

Kelly and I are both doers and we find that a majority of the time if we want to hang out with our friends (Leigh, Lo, Ginny, and Audry excluded for me) that we have to always be the doers and come up with stuff.  And waiters are just boring most of the time because when you invite them somewhere they are okay but they never invite you anywhere so why waste your time with someone who just wants to sit around waiting.


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