wasting time.

I had an unexpected break in my schedule today and don't have to be anywhere until 11:20 ish? I've been wasting time for about a half hour talking to people that work on my floor but now I'm bored.

Sometimes I don't understand boys. Well I probably never will. They define things so differently from girls.

My hair is getting loooooong. And I love it. People that have recently came into my life are like "Wow, I can't believe your hair is that long." But people who have known me forevs know that for most of my life my hair has been much longer. I know petite girls aren't supposed to have really long hair but when my hair is really short it makes my face look supa chubbykins. So I'll stick with the long hair.

I'm still real bad sad about Heath. Which is stupid, right? To get really sad about a celeb? But then again, I'm me. I love celebrities. So much.

I'm going to miss Kelly Tay so much when she's gone. This is her last weekend in the RKY. We all start teaching on Monday forrealzies. Hmmm. At least I will have teaching friends at school with me right down the hall. But not Kelly Tay who is the most important of my teaching friends. :(

I love that Lo and I are SOOOOO cool. ;)

This is a bloggy blog post. I haven't had one of those in a while. Neat!

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