blogger.com was down a few minutes ago and it was frustrating because I wanted to post.  And I didn't really have anything to say, but the fact that I couldn't post made me want to post more.  Frustrating.

I'm so ready for summer.  

In case you didn't know... I'm making a big lifestyle change.  Skinny Bitch has inspired me.  Right now I'm focusing on cutting out caffeine from my life.  GASP!  I was addicted to the DC (DietCoke) and coffeecoffeecoffee.  The first few days hurt.  But I think I might be over the headaches.  In this phase I'm also cutting out all meat.  I was a pescatarian (fish only) but now I'm not even eating fish.  I'm going soy.  Which isn't hard because there has always been soy milk in my house growing up and if we didn't have regular milk I would drink soy, so that isn't hard.  

Eventually I'm going to be cutting out all dairy.  But that is going to be hard.  So I'm taking it slowly.  I hope to have completed my dietary revolution by summer.  My best friend, Leigh, is doing it too.  And I believe Lo will start!!

You may think it's ridiculous, but it is something I want and am going to try to do.

Birfday season starts soon.  Lo and I have already started planning Leigh's big day.  Oh I love it.

I got a snow day today which was probably the best thing ever.  ANTM day, too.  That's always a great way to end the day.  =)

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