Dear World!

I believe in Britney Spears!!!

I desperately want and need a "SAVE BRITNEY!" t-shirt.  Ladies size smallll plz.  thx.

I love books.  A lot.  I'm thankful for my current setting where I get to talk about them ALL DAY LONG!!!  It's fun.  You're jealous.

Barack rally next week?  YES!

I think my kitten is going to get electrocuted from chewing the fairy lights?  But she will be electroCUTE while doing it.  Ahahaha.

I'm participating in a Murder Mystery this weekend.  I have no clue who we are performing for... some group that requested a performance of a mystery that takes place on the Nile River in the 1920s.  But.  Spoiler Alert!  I'm the murderer... hahahahaha!     

I really need to get my camera fixed.  It makes me nervous not having it readily available.  And it makes me make photobooth videos too much.

I love Gatsby.

I'm praying that Hannah Montana doesn't take the bad road to famous-city.

I've been craving gummy bears.  Let's eat some together!  And have a Dawson's Creek marathon.  Only, I'll probably annoy you while we watch the episodes.

Sometimes I just get the urge to DANCE blog.

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