I need books.

As if my life weren't surrounded by books already.  Teaching them to students is very fun, but I've read all of those books before... many times.  Unfortunately, between grading papers/assignments/tests and trying to impart knowledge about books, symbolism, authors, structure, etc., I have hardly anytime to read for fun myself.  Tragic, I know.

Cut to last night.  I had to go to Target to pick up some things and had a little bit of free time before I was to meet Audry at Regal to see a movie (Definitely Maybe... and it was so adorable).  I went to Barnes & Noble to steal words (one of my favorite past-times that finally got its name coined my freshmen year of college with some of the most inspiring people I've ever met!).  I picked up three books with the intention of reading the first three chapters of each and then buying the one I liked the most.  I wanted all three but I have a few more days until the next paycheck and I have bills that need to be paid.  I grabbed:
The Mathematics of Love
The Bean Trees
Summer Crossing

I started out with Summer Crossing because Amanda came into my classroom during my planning when she had a break from teaching and we discussed books the whole time.  She had been on a Capote kick and recommended I try more than just the Breakfast at Tiffany's I read during the winter of my freshman year of college (I remember this clearly because just as I had finished it, mom and I were at Kohl's Christmas shopping and the movie was on display so I bought it... I had already seen the movie, obviously, but hadn't in a while and since I just read the book... it was fitting).  So I started out with Capote and found it to be a wonderful read.  It was hard to stop at just one chapter but I forced myself.

I picked up the other two books and read the first two chapters.  They were also pretty good.  But Summer Crossing drew me in the most, so I went back to that book before I had to see the movie.  Forgetting the time, I realized the movie would be starting, the check out line was loooong, so I had to rush out of B&N without purchasing the book.  I looked before I left and had completed almost half of it.  (Which is not hard because the book isn't that long, but still... I was focused).  Amanda was right.  Thanks Amanda :)

I went to the movie.  Watched it with Podge and giggled and teared up and "awwed" at the appropriate spots then drove home.  And now here I am again, without a new book to read.   And now I have to continue lesson planning, researching, and grading.

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