Reasons why today/this week is neat!
+I passed my English Content and English Essay Praxis.
(with two PERFECT essays... the other two I got 5/6)
+My supervisor came to observe my class and she thought I did excellent.
+I got my federal tax refund today (moneymoneymoney!).
+I am finally caught up on the work I had piled up at work.
(even though my boss called today and said tomorrow he had a bunch more things for me to do)
+I turned in an ESE project and now I'm just one more project and one more observation away from graduating!!!
+My principal is impressed with me and introduced me to people today!

Okay that is all for my list.

I'm pretty excited that February is almost over and we can move on with March. The weather is being tricky. Sunny, cold days. Occasional snow. Weird. Ready for summertime. 

I really need to sign up to take the GRE. Even though people at school are trying to get me to come teach next year instead of going straight to grad school. I wish I didn't love teaching so much so the decision would be easy. Ugh.

I'm pretty sure my boss would not survive without me. Whenever I leave, I will have to train someone in my job. Everyone at work says he doesn't know what to do during the day when I'm at school and waits until I come into work to be productive. lol.

I'm pretty excited about my future.

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