pee ess ohmigaw

So check it...
Today during homeroom... I'm sitting at my desk, grading some papers, organizing things for my next class, AND THEN!  I hear a magical noise coming from the next room via the ceiling (the speakers are in the ceiling in all the rooms so you can usually hear the next room through it).  And I'm like, "noooo... it can't be... can it?"  And I hear it... quiet at first but then as it becomes more familiar it gets louder (not IRL but like you know in my head or whatevs).  

Oh uh Oh she's my cover girl

And then LOUDER


and then LOUDERER


And I says to myself... "It can't be!  Not something THIS magical!!!"  I get all excited, I start tapping my foot.  And singing to myself.  And thinking of acid wash and rat tails and cheesy choreography.  And I shout "OHMIGAW! NKOTB!!!"

And I run to the next room (Mrs. Cintra's) and there it is on the big screen.  My 5 year old crush.  JOEY McINTYRE and the rest of the crew!  NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!

Mrs. Cintra is so cool that she was watching New Kids youtube videos during homeroom.  So of course I stay and we talk about NKOTB and reminisce about all of our memorabilia we have and talk about our favorite songs and watch oodles of music vids and we dance like Jordan Knight.  All while the students sit, thinking we are crazy; they weren't even born when the songs were released.

You know... this world would be a much better place if we had more bands like NKOTB.
True story. 

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