ch-ch-ch-check it...

I had a lot of fun last night.  We celebrated Lo's birfday last night, and in true LRL fashion, we had a theme (the aids) and we did it up big (karaoke, the DONG, etc).  

Leigh's friend, Amanda, came out with us which was fab.  I've heard a lot about her and now I finally got to meet her.  She fit right in... just after a little while of knowing each other we played dinosaurs together... and she teaches English... so we sang Emily Dickinson poems to the tune of Gilligan's Island theme... and we danced with each other all night, including our awesome shadow puppets on the screen.

I also got to meet Jeff, Lo's (our) new boyfriend.  He is fab, too.  Such a great guy who treats Lo like a princess and I'm just so glad that she has found a man like him to make her happy.  He fit right in too... he jumped right in and sang Bye Bye Bye with me when we did karaoke (which takes place EVERY time we are at Lo's).  He knew some of the dance moves too... very nice.

They are my kinda people.  :)

I just love Lo and Leigh and am so glad that I have the MOST beautiful and fun best friends a girl could ask for!

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