my lol moment today

Setting: Dinner after registration for PBL Camp.
Sitting at the table: me, Jessica (co-worker), Keri (co-worker), Alex (boss' niece), and Mackie (boss' nine year old daughter).

"We can't take my granny out anymore because she's too old. The last time we took her out in the garden at the nursing home she just kind of mumbled and was like 'md baldfk bal turkey mfembmblalal.'"

Me and Jess:
"She said turkey?"

"Yeah, I guess that's the kinda sandwich she had for lunch. I don't know. She was mumbling. She could have said 'flurkey.'"

"Yeah, I know I love flurkey sandwiches."

For some reason this made me and Jessica laugh so much. Mackie cracks me up. For the rest of the evening we kept trying to find ways to use flurkey in a sentence. ... I guess it was one of those "you had to be there" moments? Loves it.

PS - Also, today I decided to sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the county library where one of my good friends works. I figured, I read a lot anyway, why not get fun prizes for it! Great excitement to ensue. :)

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