speak engrish!

Not to sound like an inconsiderate American...
but I really hate it when I have to make hotel reservations and I'm speaking to someone who barely knows English, so they can't understand me and I can't understand them. Maybe if this was something that was face-to-face it would be okay because I can use expressions and gestures, but over the phone it is just ridiculous. So if you are going to run a hotel anytime soon, PLEASE make your reservationist someone that speaks English. Thanks.

In other news, I made my own planner with adorable type-writer written pages and I love it because it's simple and easy and not fancy at all, but it has everything I need. With Idea and Goals and Task pages, as well as weekly pages to keep track of health information and daily pages and monthly pages. Excitement.

...it's almost noon and I have no idea where the time has gone; it's been entirely too busy today. But I'm waiting on my Jimmy Johns to be delivered and I will be in a much happier mood when my blood sugar level rises. :)


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