sleepless in manhattan

I was thinking about New York City this evening.  Which isn't really anything new.  I love that place so much.  But...  

I just came from a theatre function/cook out/ improv party and while there,  was talking to a few girls about, surprise surprise, broadway.  We all wanted to see Spring Awakening, but that's another story.  

Anyway... Broadway made me think of my past city trip and I was thinking of one of the more humorous adventures on the subway.  I can't remember which day it was or where we were going.  But it was at night, so I'm thinking the five of us (pictured) were coming home from spending the day shopping and eating.  We were on the subway, I was sitting next to Beth, and the other three girls were sitting across from us.  A homeless man gets up and addresses the entire section to announce:  "Ladies and gentlemen, a few months ago my wife left me and took the kids, I just lost my job, and yesterday I feel and broke my foot.  I have no insurance and no place to live.  If you would like, please donate money or deodorant, or soap or anything.  Thank you."  And then he walks to the other end and sits down.  He got off at the next stop, but we still had a while (we were going all the way uptown).  So once we start moving again, Beth sits up a little straighter and announces to the people sitting around us:  "Ladies and gentlemen, I am a recent college graduate, I have no job prospects, and I'm living on my friend's couch.  If you would like to help in anyway, I'll accept job offers or contacts or money.  Thank you."  I started dying laughing.  It was really funny.

I miss NYC.  Had to share that memory in case I forget it.

*Pictured above is (l-r) Audry, Stefanie, me, Beth, and Kate.  This picture was taken when we were first in line to see the Sex and the City Movie on opening day.  Kate lives in NYC.  Stef and Beth are from Ohio.  And me and Audry, well ya know.   And yes, I really am that short =/  (click it to make bigger if ya want)

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