I don't wanna wait!

I woke up this morning feeling like I had been beaten multiple times in the head with a baseball bat.  I knew I wouldn't make it to work on time because I couldn't even think about standing up.  So I set my alarm for three hours later, and went back to sleep hoping I would feel better.  I woke up and still hurt a lot.  I took a bunch of medicine and sucked it up and went to work.  Jack wasn't there yet, thank God, but Keri was.  She was on his computer so I just went straight to the couch and laid down while she fought with the IRS over her missing stimulus check.  (Are they giving us a second one?  I think I heard that somewhere?)  Jack came in a while later and told me to go home because I'm sure I looked as bad as I felt.  I stuck around until lunch time because there was going to be free food (if you know me, you know I never pass up free food).  I got some tomato soup and veggies and a choco chip cookie... yum!  Then I went back home.  I promptly crawled onto the couch and cuddled up with my kitten and slept for many many hours.  When I awoke from my nap I felt lots better but I still had a gross headache.  
Since I was feeling under the weather I wanted comfort things.  I put on the season three of Dawson's Creek and ate some vanilla ice cream.  It was perfect.  I ended up watching five episodes!  A pretty spectacular evening if you ask me, even if I did feel gross.  I love that I still know what the ORIGINAL songs were in the episodes because the stupid people put in different songs (including the theme song for cryin out loud!) in the DVDs for seasons 3-6.  I love that I still remember so many of those witty, hyper-verbal one-liners.  I love that Henry was there.  I love the name Henry.  I love Pacey and Joey banter.  I love angst.  I hate Meredith Monroe's hair in every episode ... I think the hair dresser hated her character Andie that season.  I hate Eve.  I hate a lot of the wardrobe choices.  But that show still ranks number one in my heart of hearts.  And I think I will watch disc two tomorrow.  Or maybe start it tonight?

Thank God tomorrow is FRIDAYYYYYYY!

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