I really need to stop watching the news because it gets me heated.  Sarah Palin is such an idiot.  I'm starting to wonder when the candid cameras are going to come out and be like "Surprise America!  You didn't really think this was our republican ticket did you?!"  Because, I mean, it is a joke.  The fact that Bristol is having a baby out of wedlock is just so funny to me because those high and mighty right wing, evangelist christian conservatives just got slapped in the face by their PTA mom VP.  Okay, okay, I'm ranting.

Sorry.   I hate ranting, but all of the people I see and talk to daily aren't really into politics so I have no one to discuss with.  Although at the beginning of my 20th century American Lit class today we all shared a laugh over all this craziness.  Gotta love them English grad students :)

PS - NATALIE!!!!  If you read this - When are we going up to visit Audge Podge?!  I miss you both!  Lovelovelove!

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