hump day

Yesterday I went to ToastyYoga with Annie and alllll the muscles in my back are sore. I didn't realize how much I worked those muscles yesterday. And my upper abs are sore, but not all of them. First time I did yoga in the heat... it was fun though. I saw Laura at the gym and she corralled us in because I got there to work out right when her class was starting. I just may go again in the upcoming weeks!

I love this weather!

I need to go to the eye doctor. I'd rather get 50 million root canals (never had one but hear they are a bitch) than go to the eye doctor for a check-up. I'm so eye-phobic. I hate all the glaucoma tests I have to get :(

I asked a question this morning and it was answered the way I wanted and it happened and it was nice to not stress. This is vague, but if I said what it was and what I did to get it answered, you would laugh. It's stupid and make-believe-ish. :)

Today was hump day and because I was at a symposium (that I coordinated and executed!) I didn't get my hump day margarita at lunch with Sarah, Johnda, and Susan. This makes me infinitely sad!

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