I had tangles in my hair, but you make me feel so pretty

I'm friends with all the Eisley girls on Facebook now.

I'm going to have a daughter named Eisley maybe.

If I were going to get married and have a wedding, I would walk down the aisle to Eisley.  

... other than that ... I've been feeling really down.  I've been switching between watching The Food Network and watching Say Yes to the Dress.  And I get really jealous of the girls trying on wedding dresses.  And I get really jealous of all the cooking/baking equipment people on the Food Network have.  :(  
And also, I hate living in a red state.  
And I'm sad that our fall break has been moved to November so I don't get a break in October.
And also, sometimes I don't think Nicole Kidman gave birth to that kid.
And my birthday is going to be lame I think ... 23 is boring maybe.

This is such a negative post and I'm not going to apologize because it's my blog and I'm in a bad mood.

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