I love you, wildcat!

This weekend seemed like it lasted forever. Highlights include watching The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values. Also, too, (lulz) watching High School Muscial 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forced my mom to go see it with me this past Saturday early afternoon. We were like RIGHT on time and I guess I forgot it was a little kid movie (because I love it so much, haha) so we should have gotten there early because the theater was packed - much to my surprise. So when we walk in, it's already dark and there are workers there to help find seats. I walked in talking to my mom and when I saw the large crowd I accidentally said, "Holy shit!" And if you know me, you know I don't curse often ... so I was really surprised. Then mom got mad at me because I said a bad word in a theater full of impressionable kiddos. We finally found a seat though. Mom isn't a fan - like most people in my life, I have to force her to sit through the movies with me. And let me just tell you --

I LOVED this one! It was my favorite of the HSMs. Because there was a musical number every few minutes. So amazing. It was SO cheesy and PERFECT! I laughed so hard at inappropriate times because it was just that cheesy. And mom got mad at me for that too because the little kids sitting around us were so into it and didn't want me laughing during the romantic numbers.

Let me just tell you now. I love Zac Efron. And I'm not a girl that's crazy about him at all. I never understood his appeal much. My favorite characters were always Sharpay and Ryan (go figure) and didn't think Troy was all that swoon worthy. Until this movie that is. Something about him in this movie made me squeal like a baby prostitute and my soul loved it. Maybe I finally understand why people go crazy for him? He's my desktop wallpaper now :)

Also, too (sorry, my new fave phrase), I got so teary at the very end of the movie during "curtain call" and I'm not ashamed. I am a big crier though. For example - watched the prom/graduation episode of Degrassi AGAIN and cried like a emeffin baby when they put the tassel on JT's cap on the other side. I miss little James Tiberius so much.

There are waaaaaay too many words on this page for so early.

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