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So we had a case of fleas in the apartment. But first, let me take you back a few weeks so you know how we got them...

Chelsea calls me at work sound distressed (not all that unusual ... home girl is always anxious) and asks me when I will be home. She had just gotten back to the apartment and the blinds in our front room were all messed up and the dvds where scattered everywhere, she thinks someone broke into the apartment and she's locked herself up in her room until I get back. lol. So I get off work and go to the apartment and see she wasn't exaggerating at all. It looks like someone tried to bust through our window, the blinds were everywhere and so were the dvds. Chelsea hears that I'm home and comes downstairs and told me that is how she found the place. I tell her that we need to check the apartment everywhere else and make sure nothing is missing. So I'm in the downstairs area, she goes upstairs and then I hear her scream. So I run upstairs and she is nervously laughing ... a stray cat (it hangs around outside because our neighbors won't stop feeding it) is just lounging on the blue chair upstairs. Doesn't do anything crazy, just starts purring and wants attention. The cat had been in the house for the entire day probably and just ran in when Richie left the apartment last. (It's a quick little bugger.)

We didn't think anything of this instance until a few weeks later when we discovered Jax has fleas - and not just some, TONS. The cat had to have brought them in the house because neither of our cats had any fleas before.

Cut to Thursday night - 11pm - Chelsea is vacuuming the entire apartment and wakes me up. lol. The good thing is that when she sets her mind to something, she does it ALLLLLLLL the way. It's just getting her to make a decision that is hard.

So this weekend, we flea bombed the apt, spent hours bathing and picking off fleas from our cats, sprayed the apt, vacummed EVERY surface, sprinkled flea vacuum stuff and vacuumed again, bathed our cats more, used flea combs, flea spary, flea collars, etc. I'm pretty sure we've done every single thing possible. And I'm proud to report this morning when I used the flea comb on Penny I didn't even get eggs, dirt, or dead fleas (let alone live ones) - NOTHING.

Oh my goodness. At least I know every surface in our apartment is cleaned and we are gaurded off against fleas, ticks, roaches, spiders, etc for a long time. Chelsea's mom is coming back over again this coming weekend with her super vacuums so we can go over everyhing once more, instead of using our regular vacuums.

Annnnnnnnd that was my weekend - flea patrol. Gross I know.

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