Merricat, said Connie, come have a cup of tea!

--Oh no, said Merricat, you'll poison me.

Last night I finished We Have Always Lived in the Castle. And I loved it. So do yourselves a favor and go check it out of the library now and read it. It's a fast read, and you'll get sucked in; it's perfect for this Halloween time of year.

One of my favorite quotes by Mary Katherine (Merricat) to her sister, Constance-
"On the moon we have everything. Lettuce, and pumpkin pie and Amanita Phalloides. We have cat-furred plants and horses dancing with their wings. All the locks are solid and tight, and there are no ghosts. On the moon Uncle Julian would be well and the sun would shine everyday. You would wear our mother's pearls and sing, and the sun would shine all the time."

Just the cover alone is pretty creepy - google image search it, I'm not posting a picture. It's told by Merricat who is 18 and believes in a childish sympathetic magic (wiki it) to help her deal with the events that happened when she was 12. Sometimes I wish Merricat and I were good friends, but I know that would give Merricat chills, so I'm content to just read about her. It's just a nice eerie story. And I'm glad the words are in my life now instead of sitting on a shelf in a book I've never opened. The words are real to me after reading it and that is magic in itself.

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