As stated earlier, I'm all mucus-y.  I feel kind of gross.  Stoopid weather.  I was pretty much useless at work today, even though I accomplished a lot.  Beth and I went to Tienda Hidalgo and I couldn't even enjoy my tacos all the way 'cause I was feeling poopy.  But it did make me feel like a superstar because it was packed and Beth and I were the only fair skinned, light eyed Americans so they all looked at us a lot.  I needed sunglasses.  I felt like the paparazzi was out to get me.

I didn't go to class tonight.  EEEEP... don't judge!  First time I've skipped.  But we were only doing library instruction and I've beentheredonethat a thousand plus plus times.  I was just feelin plain gross because I came home from work and sleeeept so much.  And woke up and was like, "nope." So I went to check on Chelsea (she's a sickie too, only she is a bit worse than me right now) before I went out to get my costume for something I'm doing on Sunday (but that will be Sunday's picture), so I asked her if she needed anything and she was so pitiful and she says to me, she says, "Can I have some Napolean ice cream?"  And I laughed and was like "Neapolitan ice cream?" and she was like, "yeaaaaah."  So I got my costume, went to get ice cream for both of us and we watched Hocus Pocus when I got back because she hasn't seen it in forevs and I keep falling asleep after the first 15 minutes.  
It was fun.   As you can see, I got Ben and Jerry's "half baked" which I've never had before.  It was good, but a bit too rich so I didn't eat much of it.  That was my day.  The end. 

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