my hair smells like oranges.

I'm really excited that Jason and Kori (aka Mates of mothereffin State) are coming to The Dame.  And I'm really excited that I'm going to see them with Megan Nicole Kirby.  My long-lost friend.  I just really miss her because we used to be joined at the hip.  I'm so excited to love life with that magical music.  No one else that I hang around with now likes Mates of State and I was so worried I would find no one to go with me and I would be the lame-o standing by herself...until Megan just asked me!  Woot.

Also ... I'm watching the Duggars on tv right now and I love their cousin Amy - she doesn't believe in the whole "children are a blessing so poop em out until your vagina falls off" thing, so her commentary is funny.  Also ... I really want a baby.  Like now!  I think I will be a fabulous mother.  But I realize that it is just not the time for me, but I can't wait until it is.  I love babies and chillins and teenyboppers and young adults and growned up ones too!  I love human beings basically.

Sometimes I think that instead of it being me and Penny is my pet I think it really is Penny and I am her human.  Does this make sense?

SICK UPDATE - I still have a fevaaaaah but my head pounding is now just dull background music instead of like being FRONT ROW CENTER AT A DEATH METAL CONCERT.  I just wish my body would stop aching.  Otherwise work is going to suuuuuck tomorrow.

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