So the random comments/messages I get on my youtube channel crack me up. Months ago I posted a pointless video about me talking about shaving my head and got SO many hits on it. And it still sucks people into my channel. I don't understand people sometime. I never comment on people's channels unless I know them, but others don't seem to have any qualms about it. Someone just messaged me this:

kentucky sucks you should move to canada! ;) theres a lot of black ppl eatin fryed chicken there..... jk....lol but seriously!

ps your eyes r huge and awesome

It doesn't even make sense.  Although I do got some big bug eyes, but I have no clue why they would message me this.  The same person also commented on a video saying "wow, you talk a lot."  Um... yeah.

Youtube is so funny.

In other news - Birthday!
Chelsea got me a bunch of random gifts - my two favorites being a glowing star magic wand and a light-up Hello Kitty pen.  
My parents got me new tires for my car.  lol... it seems lame, but they cost so much so I'm glad they bought them for me.  Mom also gave me a pretty nice pair of earrings and Jon & Kate Seasons 1&2!!!

Today at work Keri and I spent all morning looking up Twilight stuff.  This is the second day we have wasted doing trivial things.  Monday at work we spent the whole day watching So You Think You Can Dance videos on youtube.  She went to see the SYTYCD Tour and was all pumped about it.

I'm very excited for Saturday to celebrate my day-o-birth with my bests.  I'm very nervous.  Apparently the blindfold is being brought back out again this year.  Pray for me!  Haha :)

Annnnnnd... now I'm going to watch more J&K before I sleeps.  Goodnight Neverland!

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