I heard someone playing Christmas music today!  I said "YESSS!" really loudly and threw my hands up in the air because I was so excited and Chelsea looked at me meanly and said, "um, pretty sure we're in public."  lol.   But to make up for being mean to me she used her "stalker singing" voice the rest of the time we were hanging out and it makes me giggle uncontrollably.  But I just couldn't help being excited about Christmas music.  YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!  And when I went to Starbucks on Monday they were using Christmas cups already, and I had JUST been there the previous Saturday and they gave me regular cups.  I love Christmastime so so so so very much.  I'm now breaking out the music and getting some decorations out.  LOVE it.

In other news -- I hate going to funerals.  Andrew looked like he was doing okay, but how do you know?  I felt bad for him having to stand up there to receive guests, I wish he could've come over to the Model kids grouping and talked to us.  One boy that we went to school with goes to college 14 hours away and I asked him if he was up for fall break or something and he said, "no, I came up here for Andrew, he'd be there for me if the situation were reversed." And this is the main thing I love about being a Model kid -- it's a family.  I saw so many people there, old teachers, Model kids, theater people, and it just sucks when the only time we all get together is during a time of mourning and a further reminder to let the ones you love know that you love them.  I just can't believe Susan is gone.

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