I like you crazy!

Listen.  Last night dreams came true.  Mates of State.  Yesssss.

I'm recounting this now because I'll forget later after I crash and don't wake up for five hours or so.

Leigh and I headed over to Megan's apartment above Bellini's downtown.  Sooo flossy.  She was getting ready.  We giggled and chatted and played with Vivian the miniature cat.  Soon we were joined by Leslie.  A little later Meg's roommate arrived back at the apt, Elyse. Once Elyse finished getting ready we headed out to The Dame.  Got some drinks and arrived just in time to see that fabulous fabulous band.  We made our way to the front row and danced and sang and drank and loved life.  Rachel, Ann, and Alex were there.  Random!  But fun!!!  Ann almost knocked me over when she stampeded my way and hugged me ... she's effin crazy.  The show was AMAZING!  Meggy and I have been such big big fans of theirs for YEARS so it was a dream come true to meet them.  We kept yelling out songs for them to sing!  I just really love that they are married and love each other and play magical carnival music together.   After the show they were packing up and we ran to the stage because we saw them so Elyse got Kori's attention and she came over and talked to us!!!!  She is amazingly pretty!  Definitely the prettiest musical mom I've ever seen in my young lyfe.

So - break in the story - Megan is one of the sassiest (actually THE sassiest) girls ever and she is so effin random.  I love her so much and last night was a reunion for us because we used to hang out and go to shows together a lot but haven't in years.  She's so cute and I miss making bad decisions with her.

Back to the story - While we're talking to Kori, Meg and I are just in awe and we love her so much and tell her what their music means to us and Meg was like, "Me and Rhianna would skip school, smoke weed, listen to your music, and go shopping ALL THE TIME!"  haha.  I can't believe she said that.  Don't judge me.  I was young and stupid.  But Kori loved it so much.  And Megan was like "Oh my God I feel like we are meeting N*SYNC!"  Because we were so so so so so hyped.  Like probably even more than when we saw Hanson together.  Yes.  Believe it.  I think she thought we were weird when Megan said that but she laughed so much and loved us.  She took a picture with us.  I'll upload it once I get my camera out of my car.  It was amazing.

We stayed at The Dame for a while after the show and danced to 80s music.  Leigh and I held hands a lot.  I love her.  I wish it was more socially acceptable to hold hands with your girlfriends, it's my favorite thing to do with her maybe.  So we danced A LOT.  Leigh kept twirling into random spots so we danced all over that place.  *Note for Jay, I did not dance up on any boys, just my girlfriend Leigh and Megan, too*  It got really hot because when we started no one was dancing but after a while so many people were.  So we left and it was raining.  We started to walk to Meg's apartment which is like 3 blocks away, but then we hailed a cab like we were in NYC because we didn't want to be anymore wet.  So we took a two second cab ride and went to Megan's apartment and ate so much pumpkin pie with cool whip.  

Leigh and I left and went back to her place where we ate so much sushi and watched RENT and sang along.  In the morning GEeeeeeOFF was like, "Yeah I heard the chorus line out there at like 4am"  Haha.  So we slept and Leigh and I went to Third Street for breakfast.  I almost bought like 100 dollars worth of stuff at the store but then put it all back.  

I had to drive home and it was rainy and windy and I felt like I was going to die a quick, violent death with all the semis on the road.  But my wildcat, Troy Bolton got me home safely.  Now Ima cuddle with my Penny baby and chillllllll before I go to a bonfire tonight for Dante's Inferno people at Docs house.  I hope it stops raining.  I hope it snows!  I hope magic rainbows fall!  I hope!


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