say it. out loud. SAY IT!

I saw Twilight last night with Chelsea.  It was so bad.  So so so bad.  Haha.  But fun.  I had to tell Chelsea to shut up because she was over-analyzing it and pointing out every single mistake (and there was a mistake every second, so yeah).  lol.  But Edward was kinda cute.  And made me sigh a little involuntarily. :(  But James was so much cuter!  I wish I could type what Chelsea said about James after, but it will make me blush and I don't want to write something that vulgar on my blog.  lol.  Let me just say, she loved James too.

And even though it was like the worst movie ever made maybe, Chels and I are probably going to go see it again tonight.  Yeah.  What can you do?  The books are shite too but we still love them .  You can't help who/what you fall in love with right?  Right.

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