birfday (and like my 14th post today)

Here, have some pictures. ...

My cake, repub ellie and Sarah Palin barbie.

My besties did this to me.  
They blindfolded me and locked me in the car.
I promptly decided that kicking the window would be the best way out, instead of taking off the blindfold and unlocking.  Yeah, I'm stoopid.

We look so sleepy.  But this is me and my bestie Leigh.
Clearly this clothing choice was bad as the top has no shape and makes me look 1,000 pounds. Sad face.
There is usually a Starbucks cup in my left hand. 
+10 points if you know what's in it.

Blowing out my candles with a flag in one hand.
In case you don't know, instead of the birthday song we sing "I'm Proud to be an American" for all of our birthdays.  We're special.  And check out those pumpkin candles.  Lo couldn't find people to burn.  Inside joke, kinda?

We made Sarah do tricks on the pole.  Yeah, I get that it's probably wrong, but it's makes me laugh, so it's cool.  :)

... birfdays with us are so random.

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