Tonight I went to my mom's company Christmas party with her.  It was a dinner theater type thing with a murder mystery about a play opening up on Broadway and then someone dies that's invovled with the show.  So they have these "Sleuth Cards" at every seat and you put your name and you're supposed to put who you think is the murderer and why.  At the bottom there was another part to the play, since it was about a play on Broadway they had so many names of musicals scattered throughout the dialogue in obvious and not so obvious ways and you had to keep track of all the ones you heard.  So if more than one person guessed the murderer, then whoever got the most plays would be the winner.  

Well, at the end of the night, no one guessed correctly - it was a weird scenario I think, and you could only get it if you paid SUPER close attention to everything.  The theater people decided to just award the person with the most musical references the winner.  And the one guy was like -

"Our winner tonight got the most references correct we've ever had while doing this show.  They got 33 out of a possible 37 references!"

... kids ... that winner was ME!!!!!!!!!!
No one was even close to me, of course, considering the audience that's not surprising.  Mom was surprised I missed four, ha.

Who knew being a theatre nerd would pay off?!  Well it did, in the sum of $20 towards my next meal at Outback Steak House.  Yesssss.  And after the guy announced me as winner, one of the actors was like "And she got all the jokes and laughed so much!"  Ha... well that is just me though, I laugh too much sometimes I think.  But I think they liked me because they used me a lot in their interactions.  I just love to laugh.

It was kind of a lame way to spend your Friday night maybe, but I had fun!  

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