It's snowing.

Did you know it's still snowing?!

Today was a fun day, if you take out the whole going to work and doing a bunch of work part.  BECAUSE it was Inauguration Day kiddies!  YAY!!!!  How fabulous to have a wonderful President.  Let's all hope and pray he lives up to (or at least tries his very best to live up to) our hopes and expectations!  I think he will try very hard because so many people are counting on him... the world is counting on him.  But after what our nation has been through with the last administration, there is nowhere to go but up!  I'm very proud to be an American today!

So it is STILL snowing a lot.  I was hoping my prof would call and say she was canceling class since there are so few of us and most of the people have to travel long distances to campus.  Sigh.  Doesn't look like that will happen.  I have to trudge back out into the snow once again today.  Oh well.  

I left my phone at home today!  It was horrible... I felt naked.  I never used to feel like that.  I often forget my phone - I don't know why - and it never used to bother me (probably why I would forget it because I just didn't care about the stupid device), but now that I have an iPhone that is so much more than just a phone, it's so hard to live without it!  I think I may need to check into some kinda rehab for this problem.  They try to make me go to rehab I say no, no, no.

PS - Still snowing.  Ugh.  Leaving for class now.   byeeeeeeeeee

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