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I'm going to Montauk this summer.  I feel so notRhiannalike when I say that.  Spending a weekend in Montauk and the Hamptons and then going into the city for a few days.  Sigh.  Hopefully this will be an everyday thing years from now.  I love New York.  I can't wait to hang out with Audry, Danielle, and Kate in the city again.  

I'll try not to fall in love with anyone and then have our relationship go horribly and become so upset that it brings me to making the drastic decision of erasing my memories of him.  (I hope you all get that reference)

It's rainy and I like it.  I need to go celebrate my vagina this weekend but I fear I will not have time to go see the monologues.  Class tonight and then babysitting  Saturday night.  Hmm... don't think I wanna go.

I'm going to Hong Kong in a month.  eeeep.  I don't even know what to pack.  I need to go shopping for "international" looking clothes.  

PS - Did I blog about the play I'm doing this spring?  It's "Crimes of the Heart."  I play the youngest sister, Babe, who shoots her husband.  It's a very endearing play about family.  I know my synopsis does not make it sound that great, but it's good.  It was a movie in the late 80s or something, if you've seen that, I'm playing the Sissy Spacek character.

PPS - I'm thankful for Sissy Spacek because she gave birth to Schuyler Fisk and I love Schuyler's music.  It enhances my life journey.

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