giant purple people eater!

I had a date with my friend Micah last night; a girl that is fast-becoming one of my most favorite people. She asked me if there was anyone I didn't like because she told me I was one of the friendliest people she's met. I was glad to hear that people think I'm friendly - I don't really try to be, I think it's just in my nature. As much as I think that I'm not, I am an extrovert through and through. And there honestly isn't anyone that I hate. I love people. They are so fascinating and I usually try and find the good in them. Sometimes they frustrate me to no end, but I usually find some way to like them.

Like right now - working at a Real Estate Agency is like working on a Soap Opera I think. Today has been so busy that I've finally got a chance to stop and breathe. And we've had people crying and yelling and screaming and gossiping (always always gossiping) and going through all of it I just wanted to tear my hair out and yell back, but I didn't. But now that they're all gone, I just find it so funny. It really is funny. They act like spoiled little children sometime - closing their door and refusing to take a direct path around the office so they don't have to see someone, rearranging the business cards so they are in front (to which I promptly put them in the back or by people they don't like - lol, don't tell!), it's just plain ridiculous. So I've decided that I'm just going to laugh at it and not let it get me down. They are funny. I mean, really, you have never seen such silliness before. If you want to see really petty behavior, please come over to my office.

And now... it is the end of the work day! Too bad I still have a long night class. I cannot wait until this weekend. A change is a-brewin and you know how much I just LOVE change :) It's gonna be fab!

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