My back is sore and my mind is jumbled

I moved all my stuff around this weekend (by myself) and now my back is soooooooo sore. I only have the armoir to move but me being the yittle girl I am, I cannot move that by my lonesome. I hate having to wait and ask others to do this for me. My parents say I was born independent, I think they are right.

Anywayssssssssss. Monday. A new week. I hate how cold it is. I want some magic in my life right now. I think I've said this before but so many people were born on this day and looking at the "Birthdays" on Facebook makes me anxious! I guess May was a popular month for babymakin. Also, too, I'm hungry. But I am dieting, so I have to eat boring food. I need to lose a lot of weight and I hate that. I miss a lot of people - like Meaghan, and my stars, and such. Watching Dawson's Creek is so comforting. Did you know MTV is playing Degrassi reruns now? My life is almost perfect with this new establishment.


PS - The Academy Awards last night were the first Oscars I've enjoyed in a few years. I love all that cheesy musical stuff and loved the actors presenting the awards to the top acting winners. I cried so much!

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