Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Two hours ago the power was restored at my apartment! It went out last Tuesday morning! Can you believe it?! I will say one thing: I learned to be thankful for what I have - that I'm lucky enough to live somewhere that has heat and hot water. Living without those luxuries is hard. It sucks not really having a home and having to depend on the mercy of your friends and neighbors for showers and a couch to sleep on. Let's just hope this lesson sticks with me. :)

My boss is currently driving around the parking lot waiting for a spot. I told him they were all full (I can see the parking lot from the office) but he refuses to park somewhere else. Silly.

It's so nice to be able to get on the internet!!! I've had my iPhone with me so I could check my email and Facebook (but only limited parts of Facebook), but it's nice having a computer that works and has full internet access! Woot!!!

I actually went to work last Thursday and Friday (obviously I went Tuesday because of my last post... even though I shouldn't have because it was dangerous outside!) but I only went because there was electicity to charge my phone and light so I could read my school books - our computers were useless there because there was only internet on ONE computer (and it wasn't mine... pooh!) and all the documents in the My Documents folder could not be accessed due to the one main computer being completely fried. So they were long days just answering phones and explaining to people that "I'm sorry we cannot change 'clean' to 'pristine' in your home description because we have no working computers!" (That home was not pristine anyways!)

So here I sit. Waiting for my boss to give up and go to another parking lot so he can come up to the office and assign me work. It's so weird to be back to life now. It feels like the whole world stops when you are living couch to couch and begging for showers and reading by candle light and flash light.

I hope you all have your power back! So many people still don't! I'm so glad we finally got it back this morning - I miss my bed and my computer and my shower more than words can say!!!

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