Post Script

As someone that can barely edit the red eye out of her photos, I've come a long way in my digital literacy class. I've taken to it pretty well. And while I'm not anywhere near being decent at it, I feel like it comes easier to me than most of my other English friends in class. Obviously, I do not have a future career in graphic design. But a treat for you - and I'm embarrassed about posting this - my first attempt at a collage in photoshop and playing with layers and filters and such.

Please keep in mind this was my very first attempt. Obviously for my assignment I did a Cecilia collage. This has seven or eight layers and I used film stills to layer and extract the images. The text at the top is from her diary.

Over the course of the semester I hope to improve so much. I love photoshop and finally can play with it all the time! I'm also learning Flash - which is so much fun, too. Illustrator is... alright I guess. I like the tablet thingy though, I love to doodle!

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