haves and have nots!

Today I have:

-A desire to jump rope. I'm going to go and purchase one after work.

-A huge, under-the-surface, hard zit on my left cheek. Puke.

-Too much energy for an office job.

-To do some homework and paper writing. Oh the joys of grad school.

-So many fabulous people in my life.

I've been thinking about the summer. I might get a "normal" job. Not work on campus for once. I've definitely decided to NOT take classes this summer and just graduate next May instead of December. I just hate taking summer classes. We will see.

I'm so nervous about Hong Kong. Please be thinking about me! If I die, give Meaghan all my Dawson's Creek/Wilmington related things, give Jay everything else to do with as he pleases. Play "I'll be Missing You" by Puff Daddy and the Family at my memorial service for the lols and play "Parachutes" by Mates of State for the serious.

If I don't die while flying for 16 hours and navigating a foreign city, then I will be so excited about hanging out in Manhattan. I really don't think you understand how much I love that city. I, being a huge people person, feed off the energy of people and there is SO much energy there it's intoxicating.

I have big plans for Chelsea's birthday cake. I will post so many pictures of the (hopefully) successful finished product. My confidence in the world of fondant has grown, so we will see!

I'm writing too too much. Do you read this? I don't know. I have too much energy right now. Too too much. I'm pouring it all into this right now. I will do something more productive. Start my homework now so there is not so much after work. Rearrange the supply closet. Put together packets. Too many other things besides typing out my lonely thoughts and sending them soaring into the blogosphere.

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