last post from the USA for a while :)

I'm leaving for Hong Kong on Wednesday. I'm so nervous. Mainly because I haven't even thought about packing yet. I have to do that tonight. I still have to get a power outlet adapter and pay my bills early before I leave. And figure out how or if I'm going to be able to use my phone over there. I'm kind of glad I still have to do these things, though, because if I was all set and ready to go and had to wait two days I would just get anxious and crazy with nothing to occupy my time and start second-guessing my packing organization and so forth.

I've been taking Airborne so I don't get sick on the airplanes. I hate that recycled air. And I'm taking tons of meds with me to take preventatively when I get there. I am NOT going to get sick. I've managed to only be sick with a stomach virus so far this year and have not gotten the flu or bronchitis like so many people around me have. Woot. But I'm preparing for the worst since I'm going to be on a super duper long flight. 16 or so hours on ONE plane. And that's not even counting the first flight of the trip. Ew. This girl is gonna be grumpy and smelly.

I'll have fun. I know it.

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