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Quick update, for all of my long stories will come in a flood of entries upon my return.

I've been working really hard and learning so much. I think this experience is DEFINITELY going to change how I teach for the better. Working with IAIE Hong Kong is amazing and I love doing consultant work. (moneymoneymoney & travelsssssss) But seriously, I really love the philosophy of Invitational Education and I love the international schooling here. I think I will definitely be a better teacher from this experience. And I hope to have many more experiences like this. I'm trying to convince them that they always need to pick me for IE consultant work when they go anywhere. :)

Hong Kong is fabulous. One of my friends that has been to many many places in the world said HK was her favorite out of all of them. It is wonderful here. The Asian culture is not something I've really embraced before - not intentionally - so I've encountered a lot of eye-opening experiences here and it's so much fun. I've loved the past few days because I've finally been able to get away from my colleagues and explore a little on my own, which is what I like best. The MTR (metro) here is very easy to navigate and very cheap! Plus my hotel is in an awesome location so I can walk fairly easily to many awesome places. The food is amazing, but the other night I got homesick for American food and just ordered room service for scrambled eggs and toast. Ha, it was the most American thing I could find on the room service menu.

I particularly love going to the primary schools because the children are the cutest. I've told a few people this - but it is so lucky that the adoption process takes a very long time because you better believe I would be emptying all the bank accounts I have access to to bring a little girl home with me. They are so cute. Everyone knows Asian kids are the cutest --- you just want to squeeze them so much and make them laugh. I love it. The little girls love my eyelashes because I have really long ones. They also like my long red hair. However, visiting the secondary schools is very beneficial to me, seeing as how I am certified for teaching secondary. I met a teacher two days ago towards the end of his teaching career - only he made his teaching career international. He first taught in the UK and spent years teaching in Portugal, Turkey, Hong Kong, and other places in Europe I don't remember. How fabulous would that be?

Bye all. xx

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