Memory Monday (on a Wednesday): LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TAP DANCING FOR YOU!

I dearly loved one of my old roommates. Her name was Lauren and we roomed together for a semester my sophomore year of college before we both left campus, but had we both stayed on campus we probably would have stayed roommates. She was much better than my roommate freshmen year. Anyway...

Today's Memory Monday on a Wednesday is all about LAUREN.

The past two days I've been listening to Ashlee Simpson songs. Over and Over and Over again. Ashlee's second album (you know the one that has "Boyfriend and "L-O-V-E" on it?) came out when I was living with Lauren so naturally it reminds me of that time in my life and the person who I saw the most at that time in my life. We used to drive around, usually ending up at Sonic, and listen to Ashlee. We would yell the lyrics and it would be fun. I miss that dorm room with her and our lovable suitemates next door. We hardly ever had any food in the room. I don't recall us hardly ever eating that semester except once every few weeks we would get pizza and chow down on it, we called those nights Thanksgiving nights. We went to Hip-Hop Cardio classes a couple times a week and it was SO fun. We were white but we worked it and we learned to have a new appreciation for "baby-makin music" with the cool down. At first she made fun of my music that I would blast but then she started to love it. I think a Tilly and the Wall album had come out around that time? Maybe? Yes I think so because that was around the time Meg and I went to the TatW show (which was one of my favorite musical experiences ever for various reasons). Well when I put Tilly on, naturally I would tap dance for her. After a while she got used to me and my antics (I had Rhianna-choreographed dances for a lot of music, ha) and would ignore me just to spite me so I would throw things at her (like soft things, not to hurt her) and yell "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TAP DANCING FOR YOU!" It was fun. She put up with me when I would sing RENT songs over and over until she learned almost the whole score without ever having seen the show or watched the movie... the movie came out late in that semester and as a surprise she took me to see it early in the day when it came out! We skipped our morning classes and went to the very first showing. She also went with me to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the day it came out because we both loved HP so much. I taught her how to knit. She bought me alcohol. We raided each other's closests. And forced the other to go work out when one of us didn't want to. We never ever turned the television off in our room. We hardly watched it but both of us liked the background noise, we slept with it on always. Some days when we just COULDN'T go to class we would lay in bed all day and have Lifetime Movie Marathons. I loved her.

I miss her a lot and I'm sorry to say that we haven't kept in touch. I always wonder if she ended up marrying that guy that she agnoized over constantly - they were always breaking up and getting back together. She probably did. And she is probably a teacher somewhere now, too. She was going to be an elementary teacher. I hope she is doing well. And I will always think of her when Ashlee plays and I hope she thinks of me, too. :)

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