My iBestie, Cara-Mia, has come up with a fabulous idea for a weekly blog post.  We live approximately 2109 miles apart but share many similar interests and over the past few months have talked quite a lot! A friendship made in blog heaven!  My IRL friends know all about her and talk about her and ask about her, so it's pretty fun.  She's pretty darn fabulous and you should definitely read her blog - there's a link to the side of this entry (if you can't figure out the other hyperlinks I've sneaked in)!  What are we gonna do?!  Well, I'll tell ya... NOW... 

Each week we pick a theme and we take a picture representing that theme.  Cara-Mia edits the pictures (she's the photobug in our relationship!) and puts them side by side so you can see how two  girls living on two different sides of the country share their interests. :)  The first post will be posted right after this little introductory thing!  So check back each week to see what our theme is for our 2109 Miles.

A bit about Cara-Mia:  she's a super stylish young lady living in southern California trying to break into the field of education (like moi!).  She loves:  literature, coffee, classic films, fashion, crafting, sushi, & photography.  Check out her blog:  Literate and Stylish!


  1. Aww, I'm blushing!! Thank you, iBestie (love that haha)!

    Also, if you make a button type thing for your blog &/or our project, I will definitely put it in my blog sidebar. :D

  2. Ooooh! Yes! I forgot! I will make the button tonight! :)