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My lovely best friend, Leigh, and I made a trek up to Akron, Ohio to see one of our favorite bands last night.  Eisley is that favorite bands of ours and we saw them play at Musica!  I liked the venue a lot.  I've never been to Akron, Ohio and from what little I saw of it, I understand why.  It's not a bad town, it's just... a random town.  However, Musica gets a lot of awesome bands coming through - lucky Akron!  But my dearest and I traveled 5 hours to see them because it was the closest they were coming to us!  We saw them last year around this same time - last year we only had to travel two hours.

I think everyone we talked to at Musica thought we were crazy for traveling 5 hours just to see a little DuPree family band from Tyler, Texas belt out some lovely harmonies, and maybe we were a bit, but it was worth it.  Eisley never disappoints live!  They are very, very good live!  Little sis, Christie DuPree, was the first opener for them and boy oh boy is she just a cutie pie with that same soulful, achingly pretty voice that her big sisters in Eisley have.  She was just a dear heart too when we talked to her after.  (As was little brother Collin, whom Leigh and I have met before at Eisley shows, working the merch booth.)

Ives the Band played up next after Christie and they were adorable and awkward and awesome!  Leigh and I talked to Bryce, Drew, Jason, and Kyle for a long time after the show and they were such sweethearts.  They won us over in a heartbeat and we bought merch and made promises to come see them if they come to Kentucky!  Check them out!  Here's their "most famous" song, "The Joker" being performed live (not at our venue).

What lovely boys they are!

Of course, the main event, was amazzzzzing!  Leigh and I could just eat those DuPree girls up they are so beautiful and charming and NICE!  It was lovely to see them in person again and hear their sweet voices and kind words.  I'm just so in love with Eisley and all of the DuPrees.  Very nice and talented people!  Sherri was cracking everyone up in between songs with her commentary.  Middle of the tour, everyone's a little loopy.  She had some fun banter with Stacy and Chauntelle.  They played a few songs off their newest, yet-to-be-released album which were VERY promising and they opened and closed with the two songs from the last Fire Kite EP - "Ambulance" is one of my most favorite songs ever.  I really loved their set because they played a lot of OLD OLD OLD, like first few EPs, songs which are just so magical and fun and daydreamy.  Check out "I Could be There for You" below, it's always a crowd pleaser because Eisley fans know that Chauntelle very rarely sings solo and she sings the last verse all by herself.  Everyone always cheers once she's done.  :)

Leigh and I had a fun time.  It was well worth it, even though driving home was kind of rough.  Luckily I took off work today so I drove while LoveLeigh slept since she had to work.  At first she kept me company and I entertained her by spurting off all the Eisley trivia I know - which is a lot - and she kept asking questions.  Felt a bit weird that I knew that much but she couldn't get enough.  Eventually she was lulled to sleep by Ives the Band and Christie DuPree on the stereo and I gulped down 5 hour energies and sugar.  :)  We made it home okay.

But now, I'm going to go back and rest my weary head with my girls.  I'll leave you with a favorite - Stacy singing Fleetwood Mac's song "Silverspring." 

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  1. I've never listened to Eisley before! Thanks for posting those videos, I'm now in love. <3