what's your obsession?

If you know me, you know that I tend to really really really LOVE the things I'm interested in - people, places, media, etc.  I've had obsessions from a very young age.  First it was New Kids on the Block - show-n-tell for me in school had me bringing in NKOTB paraphernalia while my peers were still stuck on Seasame Street - mom was embarrassed.   Then it was My So-Called Life - let's not get into the melodrama my poor mother had to endure as I dressed and acted like Angela Chase pining for Jordan Catalano a few years before this behavior was "age appropriate."  I won't even get into the dark days of my Dawson's Creek years - that obsession hit pretty scary levels that I still can't even articulate sometimes.  I've had some obsessions since (& STILL DO! HARRY POTTER?!), but none as strong as my childhood & adolescent stages.  We could probably psycho-analyze why it is a particular person, me, felt the need to hold so tightly to something, but let's not.  Moving on...

I was surfing good old NETFLIX - seriously this is probably the best thing to happen in technology in the past couple some years - for some documentaries (my favorite!) and came upon a gem, the 2008 documentary about Tiffany (ya know, the one-hit-wonder MALL girl) obsessed fans called I Think We're Alone Now.  Boy oh boy was it ... interesting.  {I'M JUST GLAD THAT NONE OF MY OBSESSIONS, NO MATTER HOW SCARY I THOUGHT THEY WERE THEN, WERE EVER THIS BAD.} This documentary follows two obsessed Tiffany stalkers - one, Jeff, even had a restraining order - and gives light into their love of the pop star.  Jeff is a 50 year old man with Asperger's Syndrome that really genuinely believes he and Tiffany have a deep connected relationship.  The other is a 30something hermaphrodite, Kelly, that believes she and Tiffany are friends and that Tiffany has helped her become who she is today.  It's an interesting documentary because it really shows the sadness surrounding these people's lives and gives you a different way of viewing these "stalkers."  I actually had to stop the movie a few times and didn't think I'd finish it - it's hard to watch in a heartbreaking way.  And it's heartbreaking in a you feel bad for these people, wish you woulda been there when they were growing up to be their friend kinda way.  Does this make sense?  Well, I finished it and I'd recommend it to you if you like obsessions and/or Pop Starlettes.  It's available for instant streaming on Netflix so give it a try!  The trailer is below.

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  1. Oh wow, crazy! My bf loves documentaries, I'm going to tell him about this one!