Valentine's Day.  Oh Valentine's Day!  A day of love.  But also a day where people who love love have to hear from all the people who hate love (or, I'll give 'em a break, hate commercialized love) complain about this holiday.   In my years of being alone for Valentine's Day I've never resorted to the kind of bitter attitude I hate.  {At least not that I can recall?}  So what if it's commercialized?  So what if you think it there shouldn't be JUST ONE DAY to love your loved ones so hard and forget the other 364 days?  So what if you have no significant other and are jealous of those that do?  THIS DAY IS ABOUT LOVE, PEOPLE!   And I, for one, love that.  I definitely think you should make your loved ones feel special EVERY day of the year and not just wait around for some random day in February.  But that doesn't mean you can't go all sorts of crazy in love on this day too!  It's like Love's birthday - and everyone wants to feel special on their birthday - so don't let LOVE down!

Valentine's Day for me growing up meant sickness.  As a somewhat sickly child, I was always blessed with a horrible case of strep throat around Valentine's Day.  I never really got to attend the class parties with shoebox mailboxes!  So sad! So tragic!  But did this make me hate the day?!  No! Because with my 13 birthday & puberty in full bloom, my strep throat ended {And haven't had it since! *knock on wood*}.  I've been able to appreciate the day in full health ever since!  My mom LOVES this holiday and always made it feel special.  She's always sent me Valentine's through the mail (even when I lived at home so I could get REAL MAIL) and this year she did not disappoint.  I got 3 valentines from my 3 animals in the mail.  My mom is cute!  She also made me brownies and gave me heaps of dark chocolate (my favesies!).

This Vday is my first with my mister.  I've been celebrating for a week already.  Sending him about a dozen eValentines throughout the last week daily (all have been Kate Spade B-Mines!), other cards, and gifts.  He's done the same for me - crocheting me a cowl and making a fun Valentine themed basket with little goodies (Valentine's (in under) $20.11)!  But we're not OFFICIALLY celebrating until this weekend during our trip.  That's when we'll do the fancy schmancy dinner, some more gift exchange, and then my FAVORITE gift - going to a show with my favorite-est band EVER!  So stoked!  So thrilled he got us tickets!  Unfortunately my little Valentine has been under the weather - I'm praying he feels better soon and isn't so coughy sniffly sad panda.  But he's still a terrific delight even in his sick state - and this weekend will be awesome!  I'm glad I get yet another week before Valentine's Day is over for our two hearts!


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  1. Aw cute. What band are you going to see??

  2. EISLEY! Mister got us tickets a while ago for this weekend! I'm pretty darn excited. It will be my third time seeing them and his first time. :) They sound like magic and give you pretty dreams.