A countdown.  Let's talk about one.  
  • 9 days until I'm back in the land of my future for week with the MisterAndRhianna unit.  MotherFatherDaughterMister unit will be there for one weekend. 
  • Next.  37 days until I am finished at my current job.  These 37 days couldn't come fast enough as some people (NOT Linda, whom I love dearly) in the office make it harder and harder to be pleasant each day. 
  • We have a place to live.  Thank goodness.  That picture on this post is of the town that we will call ours for a while (note:  we will be moving to another town at the end of the year-ish). The place we will be renting is amazing and there's "a lot of nature happening" there.  (chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc. - all in my future backyard. Rory is gonna flip out. I should note, though, I've met the pigs and I'm kind of scared of them.  They make scary "I want to eat you" noises & faces at me.  They are nothing like Babe.  They are not gentle and do not speak to sheep.  They just look big and fat and like they want to stampede or something.  Do pigs "stampede?")
  • So. 7ish weeks until I am moved to the land of our future. So sooooooooooooon.  I am excited.  This year has flown by so very fast.  Which I am thankful for now.  I hope it slows down for the summer.  I'd like a nice, long, lazy, lovely summer.  Here's hoping.

Cheers =]


  1. How exciting! I'm sooooo happy for you. Your new place sounds lovely, I hope you'll be sharing photos, at the very least with me via GTalk. Psh, if you'll even have time for GTalk now!

    I must admit that even though this is my busiest semester, it really is going by quickly. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that it's mid-March. I still want to write 2010 on things, and usually by March I don't feel that way. That just goes to show how quickly 2011 is going by!

    Rambling. Sorry. <3