triple word score.

I know I'm late to the party with this one, but Words with Friends has become my latest iPhone addiction.  I resisted this game a year ago when some of my friends started playing it.  I wasn't very into iPhone games in general so I decided not to play.  I forgot I even had the app installed on my phone until the other day when my literate & stylish friend Cara-Mia requested a game.  I tentatively started a game and then soon became enthralled with it.  I forgot how much I loved word games.  I am an English major after all.  I soon had so many games going that I'm now in the process of trying to finish all up before I start anymore! {If you want to play me, you can request me with the username "rhiannabrooke" but give me a few days or so before I start our game so I don't go into word overload from all the ones I'm already finishing.}

But anyway -- Words with Friends has made me want to upgrade my old Scrabble set that is still hiding somewhere deep within the storage closets at my parents house.  How perfect is this vintage set from Restoration Hardware?  I want it something fierce, you guys!  Everything about it is so lovely.  Solid hardwood with die-cast metal accents -- fabric wrapped score book with matching pencil -- rotating table with a raised grid.  Ahhh - everything I could hope for.


  1. as a fellow english major, i can totally relate. i have GOT to get myself one of these fabulous iphones! i, too, have an old scrabble set hidden somewhere over at my parents' house. you've inspired me:)

  2. This set is just so perfect, right? Glad you can relate & are inspired! Word games are so much fun!

  3. Too bad Words With Friends HATES my phone. I actually think it ate our game. Not sure...

    That is a great Scrabble, though.