mr. moon.

Mister and I are going to see my favorite band again next week.  It will be my fourth time seeing them in a year and a half.  It will be my second time seeing them with him.  We're seeing them in the same venue where we saw them together in February.  I'm pretty pumped since they are headlining this time and will (hopefully) play a much longer set.  Plus Christie is an opener and she's just such a sweet little thing.  I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've listened to their new album non-stop since it dropped two months ago -- everytime we get in my car, Mr. - "The Valley is still playing in your car?  Have you listened to anything else?"  The answer is: yes and no.  Someone is going to know every single word of every song now (unless they play entirely new things) because I'm pretty sure that someone has heard everything they've produced (definitely everything legally produced & more leaked stuff than that!).  That someone is ME.  But I know you figured that out, you smart thing, you. 

Turning Tides Tour

je suis très heureux.

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